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Cabot Classic Vermont Cheddar Cheese, 1 lb. brick

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Packaged in wax & shrink-wrap for SAFE DELIVERY

Everyone knows Cabot Cheese. Cabot's Vermont cheddar cheeses are top notched, and though you can find them in most stores, the WAX packaging used for these 1 lb. bricks makes them ideal for safe USPS Priority Mail delivery year round, even during extreme heat. Wax coated cheese can travel for up to a week without the need for cold packs or dry ice, though we may use cold packs. Once the cheese arrives, simply remove from delivery box and refrigerate for a couple hours and you're good to go! Chilling the cheese before cutting into it ensure dry cheese consistency. If you cut into a warm brick of cheese, expect moisture to release.

The three flavors we offer are...

  • Sharp (the cheese for "everyday use")
  • Private Stock (the cheese for cheddar connoisseurs)
  • Vintage Choice Extra Sharp (the cheese for "entertaining")

Sharp is the "go to Vermont cheese" for all your favorite cheddar cheese recipes. It has delicious flavor that's difficult to resist. You're sure to snack on a wedge while preparing a recipe. Pairs nicely with wine and Granny Smith apples as well. So in a pinch when unexpected guests arrive, be sure to have a brick of Cabot's Classic Vermont cheddar ready to go in the back of the fridge.

Private Stock is a Lactose-Free cheddar with all the smooth goodness of a best-selling cheddar. Cabot hand-selects this delicious, bold cheddar after 16 months of natural aging to ensure a subtle, sharp taste profile and a buttery smoothness.

Vintage Choice Extra Sharp is a Lactose-Free cheddar that offers a distinct sharpness that discerning palates love. Aged a minimum of 24 months for an uncommon taste combination of nutty undertones and bold, tart overtones. Stock up on Vintage Choice for all your entertaining holiday and family parties.

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Cabot Classic Vermont Cheddar Cheese, 1 lb. brick