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Vermont Bees Honey - Raw honey

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Vermont Wildflower Honey

A unique combination of flowering plants in Northern Vermont results in some of the best honey in the world. Produced from maple, dandelion, honeysuckle, sumac, clover, raspberry, basswood, knotweed, goldenrod, and aster wildflower blooms. Special care is taken to avoid overheating the honey in order to keep it raw and unfiltered. The honey is strained to remove particles of wax, but is otherwise natural and raw. The honey is not blended with other substances to make it "go further", and it is not mixed with any imported honey from other beekeepers. It is made from flowers within 25 miles of Swanton, Vermont. Give it a taste and you'll become a fan, we guarantee it.1.

Available in half pint, pint, and BEST-SELLING quart canning jars.

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Vermont Bees Honey - Raw honey